Carrot Cake Crackers

If you haven’t invested in a food processor, then I highly recommend doing so.  (THIS is the one I have, which I LOVE.)  Food processors make baking and cooking from scratch so much easier and you have the ability to create a lot more too.  For instance, these Carrot Cake Crackers.


These crackers have a delicious carrot-cake like flavor, are subtly sweet and are free of: grains, gluten, dairy, eggs, refined sugar and soy.  They are great for satisfying that between-meal hunger, especially for kids and nursing moms (like me ;)).


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Frozen Banana Bars

Kinda, sorta, totally in love with these Frozen Banana Bars.  They are perfect for summer, as no heat is involved in making them.  And even better, they are super easy to throw together!


If you like banana ice cream then you are sure to love these.  They are raw, Vegan and Paleo and although they contain nuts you can substitute sunflower or pumpkin seeds to make them allergy free as well.  I also find them quite sweet but they are only sweetened with bananas.  Winning! 😉


They truly are the perfect summer treat!


So, enough hype…let’s get to the recipe!

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Air Dried Plantain Chips

Today I’m sharing a really easy recipe with all of you: Air Dried Plantain Chips!  I have had many questions via Instagram about how I made my plantain chips so I’m giving you a quick step-by-step today 🙂

I have made these plantain chips many times in the past (if you look way back in my Instagram feed you will see proof), but I have to give credit to Kayla (@healthy.grape) for reminding me of how much I love them!


My favorite way to eat Air Dried Plantain Chips are plain, in smoothie bowls (they make great spoons), dipped into nut butter or with cream cheese.  I like flavoring my plantain chips with cinnamon and salt, but you can try them without seasoning too.

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Be Well Company Skin Care


I’m pretty good at practicing self care when it comes to eating well (for both my physical and mental state) and doing things that I love/provide me with a stress relief (working out, taking a bath, getting extra sleep, blogging…).  But one thing I’m not great at is taking care of my skin.  This is most likely due to the fact that I have never had any skin issues.  Even as a teenager I rarely had breakouts and my skin was fairly clean, blemish-free and just didn’t cause me any worry.  The same is true today, which I attribute to the fact that I eat well, have a good hormonal balance and overall great health.  My one and only complaint is my dry skin, which has recently improved thanks to Be Well Company’s skin care line.  This brings me to the topic of this post: I want to share my experience with their products and why I like them. Read More

Roasted Coconut Butter

Making your own coconut butter is a lot cheaper than buying it from the store.  And although it takes some time and preparation, it really isn’t too time consuming.


My favorite store bought coconut butter is the Eating Evolved Unsweetened Roasted Coconut Butter but when I don’t have that on hand I like making my own.  This recipe is just one version of the many ways in which you can make your own at home.  I added roasted shredded coconut, macadamia nuts, Brazil nuts and salt to make a delicious, silky coconut butter.  Nut add-ins are optional of course 😉


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Peanut Butter Coconut Balls

You all know my love for Eating Evolved products, especially their coconut butter cups.  Well, these no-bake Peanut Butter Coconut Balls were inspired by those.


The filling is peanut butter, coconut butter, vanilla and a little coconut flour.  I rolled the filling into balls and then dipped them into melted dark chocolate for a simple, satisfying and relatively low-sugar treat.  Plus, if you store them in the freezer they are quite refreshing in all this summer heat. Read More

All Green Salad

This salad is here to show you that eating all your greens doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless.  It has a kale base and is loaded with a variety of green super-foods; you know, just in case you need to up your veggie quota for the day/week 😉 Read More

Freezer Brownie Bites

I don’t particularly like to use my oven during the summer months.  Sometimes it’s a necessity, or perhaps I’m really craving a particular food/treat that needs baking, but for the most part I try to limit my oven use when the weather is hot.  And that’s when recipes like these Freezer Brownie Bites come in handy – a recipe where you can have your brownies, without the heat of the oven (or the stove-top).


These Freezer Brownie Bites are made using 9 simple ingredients.  They are free of grains, gluten, eggs, dairy and nuts.  This allergy-friendly recipe is perfect for a sweet summer treat! Read More