Blackberry Loaf

Have you ever read the children’s book “If You Give a Moose a Muffin“?  This last month I have read it more times than I can count, thanks to my son’s new found love of the book.  But it is a cute story, well written and filled with fun pictures so as far as book attachments go I’m okay with him loving this one.  Besides, it gave me the inspiration for this bread loaf.  The moose loves blackberry jam on his muffins and I thought creating a Blackberry Loaf would be a fun alternative to muffins and jam.


I have been enjoying a slice (or 2 or 3) of this bread daily since baking it.  The flavor combinations worked so well and the loaf turned out moist, but well baked; which is something that can be hard to achieve when adding protein powder to the mix.  I particularly like slathering on some almond butter and a drizzle of kefir with each slice.  (Ugh, salivating just thinking about it!)


This Blackberry Loaf is gluten and dairy free and uses Garden of Life Vanilla Protein Powder for a little extra protein kick.  I have not tried substituting eggs for flax eggs, so I’m not sure that this would make for a good Vegan recipe, but if you try be sure to let me know!  Another great thing about this bread is that there isn’t any added sugar.  The only sweetness comes from the protein powder and the blackberries (which are a bit more tart than sweet).


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Protein Banana Bread

I’m definitely not the first person to create my own banana bread recipe, nor will I be the last.  In fact, I debated even posting this because there are so many banana bread recipes floating about.  But since I have received many requests I decided to share the recipe I have been using lately.  Besides, this Protein Banana Bread is so simple to make, satiating and healthy that not putting it on my blog would be some-what of a crime 😉



Without further ado,  here’s my simple Protein Banana Bread recipe…

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Hot Chocolate Mini Muffins

Muffins truly make for the best snacks.  Besides the fact that there are millions of different flavor and ingredient combinations, they are portable, last well (especially in the fridge) and they are pretty easy to make.


These Hot Chocolate Mini Muffins are no exception – made with 10 ingredients, blended in a food processor and baked for 10 minutes, these mini muffins are ready in no time and taste great.  This recipe is gluten-free, egg-free and dairy-free and can be made vegan depending on the hot chocolate mix you use.


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Simple One-Pan Turmeric & Garlic Chicken Thighs

It’s a miracle!  I actually have a savory recipe for you guys!  As many of you know from my Instagram account, I eat a lot of savory foods in the form salads, mountains of veggies, meats, eggs, potatoes, cheese, etc.  Normally I do not measure anything when it comes to a savory meal, nor do I keep track of the cooking time.  I frequently use my own mixture of spices when cooking meats, but never measure anything out because it takes time, requires extra cleaning (more dishes), and I know what flavors I like to pair together without the need to portion them exactly.


Well, today is a special day because I prepared these Garlic & Turmeric Chicken Thighs with a recipe in mind.  I measured all the ingredients and even kept track of the cooking time 😉  These chicken thighs are SO tasty!  I actually prefer thighs to any other form of chicken.  I always make sure to buy organic, pasture-raised and boneless chicken thighs so preparation is easy and I know I’m getting quality food.  This recipe is best when the thighs are marinated for 12-24 hours, but it’s not necessary.  Cooking time is only 15-20 minutes and all you need is a frying pan!  Super simple!


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Walnut Crumble Bars

I enjoy experimenting with food; particularly baked goods.  When it comes to my main meals I rarely follow/create recipes but there’s something about baking that makes me truly enjoy trying different flavor combinations!  My Instagram is full of savory meals, salads and vegetables (which I eat a lot of…hence the name realfoodrabbit) but my blog tends to be geared more towards sweet recipes such as this one.


I love eating dessert, and at minimum enjoy a piece of extra dark chocolate each day.  I am a true believer in moderation and think that restricting yourself can lead to a negative mindset around food and body image.  But with that being said, there are still foods/ingredients that I try my best to stay away from such as gluten/wheat, soy, vegetable oils, added sugar (excluding honey, maple syrup and coconut sugar) and preservatives/additives.  I do this not in hopes of “losing weight” or keeping a “clean” diet, but because I don’t think these foods are healthy or meant to consume on a regular basis.  I try and reflect these lifestyle choices in my recipes.  It is my goal to create desserts, snacks, and meals that I (and you) can feel good about eating.  Are these Walnut Crumble Bars a dessert?  Yes!  But they are also nutritious.  They have a decent amount of sugar from the dates, but they are made with wholesome ingredients that no one should feel bad about eating, even on a normal basis.


Sorry for the long introduction!  But back to this recipe!  These Walnut Crumble Bars consist of 3 layers: a cookie crust, a walnut-date crumble and a chocolate topping.  The middle layer is quite sweet, but balanced by the crust and chocolate layers.  This recipe is free of many allergens such as gluten, eggs and dairy.

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Pregnancy Update: Week 25

It’s been 5 weeks since my last pregnancy update so I thought I’d fill you all in.  Nothing significant has changed; I’m just bigger and hungrier and more ready than ever to meet our little man!

25 weeks_2.JPG

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D’s Naturals No Cow Bars

I’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but I am always on the lookout for high quality protein bars.  Protein bars with healthy ingredients make great snacks and I love eating them to satisfy my sweet tooth without filling up on a lot of sugar and empty calories.  I recently tried D’s Naturals No Cow Bars and am head-over-heals for these tasty Vegan protein bars.


D’s Naturals No Cow Bars are all non-GMO, low in sugar, Vegan and free of soy, gluten and dairy.  They are made with organic brown rice and pea proteins, prebiotic fiber and natural sweeteners such as monk fruit and Stevia (and a few other ingredients like nuts and berries depending on the flavor).  Their bars come in 8 different flavors, each of which I’ve reviewed below.


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Chocolate Plantain Muffins

I have to admit, the first time I tried a plantain it was terrible.  I sliced it up, baked it in my toaster oven, then added a bit of honey and cinnamon but it was awful.  I just could not eat it!  Well, I have learned a lot since then.  Through lots of experimentation, I have found how to cook and bake plantains in a way that I actually enjoy!  In fact, I have many plantain recipes on my blog (Chocolate Chip Plantain BrowniesCinnamon Raisin Plantain Muffins, Cinnamon Apple Plantain Muffins, Protein Plantain Brownies) and this is a revised version of an old chocolate plantain recipe that I created.


These muffins are very dense, but moist and oddly addictive.  (Can you tell I like dense, moist baked goods?  I swear, all my recipes have that quality!)  This recipe does not call for any sugar and/or sweetener, but you may definitely add some if that’s what you prefer.  A couple tablespoons of maple syrup or a few dates would go quite nicely with this recipe.

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