Category: Paleo

Cabbage Salad

For any of you cabbage lovers out there, this recipe is one for you. Β This Cabbage Salad is an easy, colorful side dish that packs quite a bit of nutrition and the ingredients are simple and fresh: purple and orange carrots, purple cabbage, red pepper, onion and a handful of spices.


Cinnamon Cassava Muffins

The best tasting grain free muffins! Paleo friendly and free of gluten, grains, dairy, soy and refined sugar.

Spicy Coconut Butter Cups

These Spicy Coconut Butter Cups are perfect for adding a little spice in your life πŸ˜‰ They are Paleo, Vegan, allergy free and low in sugar – the best treat for fighting off that afternoon sweet craving.

Chocolate Covered Fig Bars

These no-bake Chocolate Covered Fig Bars are a delicious, simple summer treat. They are free of grains, gluten, eggs, dairy & soy – making them a healthy treat for anyone to enjoy!

Kiddie Snack Plates (Round 2)

Whether your kids are heading back to school or still at home, this post has plenty of healthy snack ideas that are quick, easy and tasty.

Carrot Cake Crackers

These Carrot Cake Crackers have a delicious carrot-cake like flavor, are subtly sweet and are free of: grains, gluten, dairy, eggs, refined sugar and soy.

Frozen Banana Bars

These Frozen Banana Bars are the perfect recipe to enjoy on a hot summer day. They are raw, Vegan, Paleo and only sweetened with bananas.