Category: Paleo

Peanut Butter Coconut Balls

You all know my love for Eating Evolved products, especially their coconut butter cups.  Well, these no-bake Peanut Butter Coconut Balls were inspired by those. The filling is peanut butter, coconut butter, vanilla and a little coconut flour.  I rolled the filling into balls and…

All Green Salad

This salad is here to show you that eating all your greens doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless.  It has a kale base and is loaded with a variety of green super-foods; you know, just in case you need to up your veggie quota…

Freezer Brownie Bites

I don’t particularly like using my oven during the summer months. And that’s when recipes like these Freezer Brownie Bites come in handy – a recipe where you can have your brownies, without the heat of the oven (or the stove-top). These Freezer Brownie Bites are raw, Vegan, Paleo and allergy-free.

Blueberry Buckwheat Waffles

These allergy-free Blueberry Buckwheat Waffles take fewer than 10 ingredients to make and have a delicious nutty buckwheat flavor that is nicely complimented by the tartness of fresh blueberries.

Kiddie Snack Plates

These kiddie snack plates provide a variety of healthy kid snack ideas that can be quickly prepared (and devoured) by your child.

Cauliflower & Asparagus Salad

This Cauliflower & Asparagus Salad is the perfect salad recipe for getting in a variety of colorful veggies.

Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes

My recipe for these Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes requires only 8 ingredients and makes 6 soft, fluffy and perfectly sweet grain-free pancakes.

Figgy Cookie Cups

These healthy fig cookies are a delightful summer treat – no baking involved!