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Pinnertest Food Intolerance Test (Part 1)

If you suffer from digestive issues, frequent headaches, unexplained fatigue, brain fog, skin issues, etc. then you may have a food intolerance. Pinnertest is a simple, in-home, next generation blood test that identifies a patient’s individual food intolerances using ultra-modern microarray biotechnology.

Pregnancy Update: Week 35

Five weeks have passed since my last pregnancy update, so here we are at 35 weeks!  Roughly 5 to go (I’m selfishly hoping he arrives a little early).

Pregnancy Update: Week 30

Roughly 10 weeks left in this pregnancy!  I’m ready for it to be over, but really my only complaints are that I’m tired more frequently and miss all the activities I used to do.  It’s a lot harder to move around with all that extra…

Pregnancy Update: Week 25

It’s been 5 weeks since my last pregnancy update so I thought I’d fill you all in.  Nothing significant has changed; I’m just bigger and hungrier and more ready than ever to meet our little man!

Pregnancy Update: Week 20

Supplements for Pregnancy

I’m not the type of person that loads up on supplements, vitamins and the like, but pregnancy is a whole different ball game.  During pregnancy (and the months preceding and following) are the only times that I take supplements on a daily basis.  On…

Pregnancy Questionnaire: Week 18

I wanted to pop in and share a bit about my pregnancy…even though I have been neglecting to do so on my blog and I’m already 18 weeks along.  I don’t plan on doing updates often, but as it’s a huge part of my life…

Healthy Travel Snacks

Food is one of the first things I plan and pack when preparing for a trip.  (I’m not the only one right?!)  Being the health nut that I am, having high quality food to snack on during a road trip, plane ride and/or stay…