Hi!  I’m Katie – wife to a wonderful husband and mother to two young boys.  I have a passion for health, nutrition and fitness and this is my space to share my recipes, favorite products, thoughts, lifestyle tips and any other random musings I may have 🙂


The recipes I share on this blog are all gluten-free and many are Paleo, Vegan, and/or allergy-friendly. I believe in eating (mostly) real, unprocessed, whole foods but I’m also a huge advocate for balance and living without restriction. I am a lover of vegetables and foods low in sugar (even treats), and the majority of my recipes reflect that.

Why Rabbit? Because, like your stereotypical rabbit, I LOVE carrots. Rarely a day goes by where I don’t eat at least one of these orange (or purple, or white, or yellow) vegetables. I also love making salads, roasting vegetables or finding unique ways to cook with them. My husband gave me the nickname “little rabbit” when we were in college. Apparently, he had never met anyone with such a love for vegetables.


Along with all of this vegetable eating, I love sweets and treats (although I prefer mine lower in sugar) and rarely does a day go by that I don’t eat some form of dark chocolate.  I love creating healthy treats that are full of nutrition but still satisfy that sweet-tooth. I use this blog to encourage others (and myself) to eat real, whole foods and eliminate feelings of restriction. I also like finding healthy products and sharing them with my readers – as there isn’t always time for cooking and baking and sometimes you just want a convenient snack.

I don’t discuss a lot of fitness on my blog, but I love staying active. I engage in a mixture of weights and cardio and prefer working out on my own (at the gym) as it is my “me” time. I use working out as a tool for staying healthy, not just physically but mentally as well. I think rest days are important, as well as listening to your body when it comes to unplanned rest days – sometimes you need more time to recover!


This whole lifestyle has been a work-in-progress. It has taken me years to find the right balance with food and exercise. The process of learning what foods work best with my body and how important it is to eat enough has not always been easy. But through all of my hard work, research and motivation I have found my “happy place” – a place where I no longer worry about calories (whether eaten or burned) and I exercise because I love it, not as punishment. There is power in eating real food and learning to love your body and I hope my recipes, meals and small insights can inspire others!

I enjoy meeting and connecting with new people so please don’t hesitate to comment or contact me by email if you ever have a question, suggestion or just want to say “hi”.

Interested in collaborating? Email me at: realfoodrabbit@gmail.com

Media Kit Available Upon Request


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