Our Favorite Story Books (Boy, Age 3)

We read books.  A lot of books.  I read to my son before his nap time and before bed time.  When he was younger, he would look at books in the car and reading was a playtime activity between naps.  Needless to say, my son loves books and reading and we’ve gone through many children’s books.

We have two libraries nearby and I make it a point to go at least once a week (sometimes we’ll make it to both libraries if the weather is crummy).  Many books have been complete duds.  Seriously, some books that I’ve checked out shock me – how do they even get published?!  Haha!  I think if I had 24 more hours during the day then I’d try my hand at writing a few children’s books.  But among all the let-downs, there are many books that shine and we read over and over and over until it’s time to return them to the library.  So today, I’m sharing some of my favorite children’s books, particularly for boys ages 2-3, as that’s my main audience 😉

hotel bruce

Hotel Bruce

Bruce, a bear who is mother to three geese, returns home and finds that mice are running his house as a hotel.  Bruce is in no mood for this nonsense!  This story is hilarious, has fun pictures and appealing for many different age groups.

troll and the oliver

Troll and The Oliver

I think this book may be my absolute favorite.  I never got sick of reading it, even after the 20th time in one week (I almost had it memorized)!  It is about a Troll who wants to eat little Oliver, but Oliver is always too fast and quiet and sneaky.  Just when Oliver thinks Troll has finally given up, CHOMP!  He gets eaten.  However, Oliver tastes horrible!  The two characters discover that what trolls really love is cake.

those pesky rabbits

Those Pesky Rabbits

I have a soft spot for any book containing rabbits, but this one is seriously a winner.  Rabbits move in next to grumpy Mr. Bear and he wants nothing to do with them.  But in the end, they all get along.  This book has lovely photos, great text and is a fun read.

too many carrots

Too Many Carrots

So, I love a book with rabbits.  But rabbits AND carrots?!  Enough said, haha!  Too Many Carrots is about a selfish rabbit with too many carrots than he knows what to do with.  He has to learn to change his selfish ways in this cute, colorful, well written story.

Bear's Loose Tooth

Bear’s Loose Tooth

This author has written many books about Bear and his friends.  I have read every one to my son and this was one of our favorites.  Bear gets a loose tooth and his friends help to try and pull it out.  It is a sweet story and my son loves it because he has an interest in loose teeth.

Curious George

The New Adventures of Curious George

Gotta love Curious George books!  I don’t know any young child who isn’t interested in a little exploring monkey who gets into trouble but ends up making everyone’s day.  We own many Curious George books and this collection is one of my favorites.


Pipsie Nature Detective

Pipsie is a nature detective and in this story she is out to solve the reason for Alfred (the turtle’s) hurt foot.  This is a fun mystery-solving book that has nice pictures and even provides facts about different kinds of bugs from spiders to ants to bees.

Mighty Construction Site

Mighty Mighty Construction Site

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction site is a very popular children’s book and this is another great one.  The trucks must gather friends and work together to complete their biggest job yet.  It has a nice, rhythmic text, fun pictures and is great for learning the various machinery used in building.

Work Dogs Work

Work Dogs Work

We have read a lot of construction books and this is one of our favorites.  It rhymes, has nice pictures and is informative – great for learning the different types of vehicles and equipment used in construction.  We’ve also read Dig Dogs Dig and enjoyed that as well.

Dojo Daycare

Dojo Daycare

This fun, light-hearted book is written in rhyme and has a lively rhythm, comic expressions, and big sound effects.  The ninja children are rowdy and chaos ensues until one little ninja steps forward and then they all work together to clean up the mess they’ve made.

Pirate ABC

Shiver Me Letters

Shiver Me Letters is a fun book for learning the ABC’s.  The pirate captain sends his crew looking for the entire alphabet, as he’s tired of simply using “R’s”.

Chu at the beach

Chus Day at the Beach

Chu is a cute little panda with a BIG sneeze!  We have read this book and Chu’s First Day at School.  Both are cute, simple, and have fun, detailed pictures.

Pout Pout

Pout Pout Fish in the Big Big Dark

We have read all of the Pout Pout Fish books and this one is by far my favorite (we actually own this one).  Mr Fish wants to help Ms Clam find her lost pearl but it takes some courage and help from a friend for him to find it at the bottom of the ocean.

duck duck dinosaur

Duck Duck Dinosaur

This author has quite a few Duck Duck Dinosaur books and we have loved each one.  They are a super easy read – not many words, but fun, clever and entertaining.

are pirates polite

Are Pirates Polite

This book is an easy read with fun, rhyming text and humorous, well illustrated pictures.  It teaches manners and shows that if pirates can be polite then so can you.

monkey with a tool belt

Monkey With a Tool Belt

Chico Bon Bon is a monkey with a tool belt that has gadgets to solve any problem.  In this particular book, Chico Bon Bon and his friend Clark are having the most unusual day at school; many school items have gone missing and it’s up to Chico Bon Bon to solve the mystery.  There are many books by this author and we’ve only read a few but have loved each one!  They have very detailed pictures with lots to look at and it’s a fun way to get your kids thinking.  I think these are great mystery books for kids.


little critter

Little Critter

Sometimes you just can’t beat the classics.  Little Critter books are a classic series that we enjoy.  My son loves any book involving the dentist or doctor’s office.  Just going to the dentist is one of his favorites – a light, heartwarming book that introduces children to what takes place at a dentist’s office.


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