A Look Back at 2017

2017 was a good year and I’m still in shock that it is coming to a close.  The year really flew by and I think a large part is due to the fact that I had another baby, making life busier than ever.  But I’m not complaining – I think 2018 is going to be even better!

For today’s post, I want to do a little round-up of my most popular Blog and Instagram posts.  It’s always fun for me to look back and see what my readers (you) are enjoying or what I happened to post at the just right time for something to gain traction.

Top 5 Blog Posts

Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes

These Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes were a hit not only on my blog but Pinterest and Instagram as well.  They were one of my favorite recipes too – super fluffy, low in sugar and Paleo friendly.


Cinnamon Roll Energy Bites

Who doesn’t love energy bites?!  They are easy to make, healthy and require few ingredients.  I can see why these grain-free, Paleo & Vegan friendly Cinnamon Roll Energy Bites were popular.


Grain Free Seedy Bagels

These Grain Free Seedy Bagels were actually posted in 2016, but made a come-back this year.  These are by far one of my favorite recipes of all time – which is why I continue to share it on my Instagram.  They are Paleo, Vegan and do not contain any added sugar or sweeteners.  I’ve had success in making them time and time again.


Vanilla Protein Muffins

These Vanilla Protein Muffins have been a hit, thanks to Pinterest.  They are the best protein muffin I’ve created (IMO).  Unlike a lot of protein muffins, these are actually moist and best of all, they only require 5 ingredients.  They use Organifi Vanilla Protein and do not contain any added sugars or sweeteners (besides what’s in the protein).


Paleo Sugar Cookies

Not only do these Paleo Sugar Cookies look amazing, but they taste wonderful and contain simple, healthy ingredients.  They are Paleo friendly and use Vital Proteins Collagen for an extra nutritional boost.


Top 10 Instagram Posts

These top 10 aren’t in any particular order, but it’s safe to say that savory dishes are preferred over sweet.  People follow my Instagram for healthy, veggie-packed meals full of color, variety and creative ingredients.

Pan Seared Zoodles

Zoodles with asparagus, Red Pepper & Kale Crackers, and sweet potato fries


Protein Banana Bread

The only sweet dish/recipe that made it into the top 10 was this Protein Banana Bread topped with coconut butter, Trader Joe’s freeze dried bananas and cinnamon.


Zoodles & Beef

Zoodles are quite popular on Instagram (at least on my feed).  This plate of zoodles was paired with asparagus, avocado, ground beef, pumpkin seeds and Simply 7 Lentil chips.


Simple Salad Snack Plate

Spinach salad with carrots and walnuts, grass fed steak, Kerrygold cheese, avocado and Mary’s Gone Crackers.


Rainbow Snack Plate

I ate a lot of meals like this when I was pregnant.  This snack plate was one of the most popular consisting of: rainbow carrots, sweet potato fries, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, avocado and Kerrygold cheese.


Salmon Salad with Fingerling Potatoes

The popularity of this photo surprises me, mostly because the lighting is so bad!  It was taken in the evening and I accidentally left the kitchen light on (meaning yellowish background).  But the timing of the post happened to be just right and this pic picked up quite a bit of traction.  On my plate: spinach, salmon, roasted broccoli, brussels, onion and fingerling potatoes, as well as a few macadamia nuts and mashed avocado.


Stuffed Potato & Veggies

One of my most frequent food pairings when I was pregnant was an egg-stuffed baked potato.  Also on my plate: strawberries, spinach, asparagus, brussels, avocado and a Rise Bar.


Egg Stuffed Potato and Avocado Art

Whenever avocado makes an artistic appearance, my plate of food is sure to be a hit.  I don’t know why, but people have an obsession with avocados!  But I don’t blame them – they are beautiful when you get a good one!  On my plate: egg stuffed potato with cabbage, spinach, walnuts, and avocado sprinkled with chia seeds.


Rainbow Plate with Dessert

The quality of this photo isn’t great, but the array of veggies IS!  I packed so much variety and color into this meal, as well as gave a peek into what I’m usually snacking on post-meal (dark chocolate and/or nut butter).  Pictured: Roasted carrots, snap peas, brussels & cabbage, cheese, walnuts, an egg, organic peanut butter, Eating Evolved Banana Coconut Butter Cups.


Egg Stuffed Sweet Potato & Bright Veggies

There it is again…that egg-stuffed potato!  Can’t go wrong with this combo and a bunch of roasted veggies: broccoli, brussels & carrots.  Also added grass fed meat.


One of my goals for 2018 will be to incorporate more savory recipes on my blog.  The only reason why I don’t have many on my blog now is because savory recipes take more time, effort and skill to post.  For instance, I can create muffins, let them sit out (or in the fridge) and then take photos at my leisure.  With a meal like pan fried salmon on a bed of zoodles I would need to take photos right away or else the food would turn soggy and unappealing.  Plus, it’s helpful to show the process – to take photos along the way rather than just show the final product.  That takes a lot more time, which I just don’t have as a mom of 2 little boys.  But hopefully I will be able to carve out a day every now and then for some savory recipe work 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this round-up!  What was your favorite post/recipe of the year?  What would you like to see more of in 2018?


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