4 Months Old + Postpartum Update

My original intention was to do monthly postpartum/baby updates…but that has royally failed!  Anyone with a newborn knows that life is full of changes and very limited free time, especially if you have other children on top of that.  I’ve been pretty consistent at posting recipes, but I find that easy since I have to feed my family anyway.  Updates on the other hand have not been a top priority.  However, I finally feel inspired to do an update; I’m not exhausted from lack of sleep (today) and both kids happen to be napping (yay!).

So here’s an update on baby boy, me and how we’re all adjusting!

4 Months Old



Such a happy baby!  I feel so blessed to have a smiley, sweet, calm, giggly little boy (exact opposite of his brother when he was a baby).  I’ve heard from many people that their second child was a dream – so easy going and happy.  Seems to be true for us as well.  Our first son cried A LOT.  Like all the time unless you were bouncing him or walking around the house.  He always woke up cranky (even to this day) and hated a lot of the baby things like the swing and carrier.  But this babe loves it all!  He only gets cranky when he’s really tired or really hungry or is having trouble passing gas.


He’s huge!  At his 2 month appointment he was 25″ long and 15.7 lbs.  That placed him in the 97 and 95 percentile, respectively.  He hasn’t had a checkup since (has one at the end of the month) but we weighed him recently and he was 17.5 lbs!  I never imagined I’d have such a large child since I’m such a petite person.  My husband is 6′, so perhaps he just got more of those genes.  At 3 months baby boy was wearing size 6 or 9 month clothing (still is)!  He has such a long torso!  I have found that H&M’s baby clothing fits much more true to size (for him), plus they have some super cute outfits at decent prices.


This little guy has been all over the place with sleep.  Some nights he does great (rarely) and other nights he’s up every two hours and has trouble getting back to sleep.  He takes about 3 naps: 2 short ones in the morning (20-45 minutes) and a long one in the afternoon (2-3 hours, waking to feed in-between).  He used to nap around dinner time as well, but has been refusing to sleep then, which has pushed up his bed time.  He is now going down for bed around 6:30.  He wakes up for the day between 6:30-7:00 AM.



He’s exclusively breast feeding.  I actually have no idea how many times a day he eats.  I don’t put him on a schedule – just feed on demand.  He doesn’t nurse for long periods and typically just one side per nursing session.  One thing that frustrated me at first was that he pretty much only likes nursing laying down in bed…but I’ve given up on any other method and just go with it!  If I plan on being away from home for a long time then I will pump a bottle for him and take it with me, just in case.  Speaking of bottles, he will take them, but doesn’t love them.  Baby boy does spit up quite a bit some days and I think it’s all related to what I eat.  I’ve tried avoiding dairy and that helps, but I’m not strict about it.  I’ve also debated eliminating eggs but that will take some real will power.  (I already don’t do gluten, another common allergen.)


Baths, standing, watching his brother, fans, lights, anyone who gives him attention, sleeping on walks, being outside, sleeping next to mommy, being held, his play mat, watching the TV


Gas, getting tired/hungry/bored, loud noises, being set down for long periods, sleeping through the night

My Postpartum Status


I’m doing pretty great!  I actually had mastitis twice (weeks 2 and 4 postpartum), which was a completely new experience for me.  I never had it with my first child, but this baby wasn’t born a pro eater and I was engorged quite a bit.  I was able to cure the mastitis both times with natural, home remedies (no antibiotics).  I followed most of Wellness Mama’s recommendations for those of you curious.

I’ve been working out consistently.  I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and do a mix of cardio and free weights.  I don’t follow any program, but rather do whatever I’m in the mood for.  I also try to do ab exercises every day (about 10 minutes worth) and we go on walks when the weather is nice.  In October, I started taking baby boy to the gym with me and my older son.  He’s doing great – which makes me one happy mama because I can workout more on my own schedule.  We typically go in the mornings between 8-9.

My body isn’t “bouncing back” nearly as fast as last time.  My actual recovery from this birth was a lot quicker, but my body is holding on to more weight this time and my skin is quite loose on my stomach.  However, I do not have any stretch marks (which are mostly hereditary from what I’ve heard); amazing considering how much my stomach had to stretch for this huge child!  I feel great overall, I just want to feel comfortable in all my old clothes, some of which are still too tight.  I did purchase some leggings from Amazon that I’ve been wearing like all the time.  They had great reviews and I am highly impressed with them.  They are a thick, stretchy material that isn’t see-through and sit high enough on my torso that they help hold in my belly pooch (haha).

IMG_0132     IMG_0134

I’m not having any issues with my milk supply.  I honestly think my supply is great simply because I eat well.  I eat A LOT and I try to keep my diet to mainly nourishing, healthy, whole foods…which is how I normally eat anyway!  I do tend to eat higher fat than your “average” person, so that could be what gives my supply such a boost.  I’m also taking a probiotic, gelatin, prenatal vitamin, fermented cod liver oil and magnesium for additional nutritional support.

My hair has been falling out like CRAZY!  It’s been falling out since I gave birth, but really took a turn around the 3 month mark.  My husband complains about the shower drain and I always have strands of hair on my clothes.  It doesn’t really bother me because I actually prefer thinner hair, but I do find it annoying.  I’ve read that hair loss after pregnancy is completely normal.  Supposedly, increased estrogen levels during pregnancy keep your hair from falling out (why many pregnant woman have thick, gorgeous hair) and then when those levels drop after giving birth your hair goes back to it’s normal cycle and can result in a lot of hair loss.

In the beginning of October I started going to a chiropractor.  Since I’ve met my health insurance deductible I want to take full advantage of the perks (like less expensive chiropractic appointments).  I had a full body scan, including x-rays, and my spine is quite out of alignment.  Some of this is probably due to pregnancy and all the baby-holding, but either way I want to get myself back into proper alignment.  I also need orthotics because I’m experiencing a loss of arch support and have a bunion on my right foot (ugh, this makes me sound SO old, haha!).



We are all well adjusted to life with this sweet baby boy.  He fits right in and it feels like he’s always been a part of the family.  My older son loves to give baby kisses, hold his hand and squish his cheeks.  He’s not always gentle, but he has a lot of love for his brother.  My husband is a huge help and he watches the boys when he gets home so I have some time to relax/blog/cook.  Both boys love playing with their daddy.  My only complaint is that my husband and I don’t get much time together since I’m often in bed by 8:30, as soon as the kids are asleep!  We need to make it a point to do more date nights.

And that pretty much sums up my life right now!  Baby, toddler, husband, food, workouts and sleep are what my world revolves around…but, I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂


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