Kiddie Snack Plates (Round 2)

Hello!  I figured it was time I gave you all a few more snack ideas.  A couple months ago I shared a variety of Kiddie Snack Plates and well, since my toddler is always eating I have quite a few more to share!  And just because these snack plates are geared towards toddlers doesn’t mean you can’t take away a few ideas for yourself 😉

Like I mentioned in my last snack post, THESE are the plates I use for my son.  They are natural wooden plates, eco-friendly, BPA free, lead free, melamine free, and don’t contain any harmful chemical materials.  We’ve been using them for the past 8 months and they’ve held up really well.  Since my son isn’t quite ready for “real” plates, these are a great alternative to plastic ones.  They can warp if you don’t lay them flat to dry after washing and will stain with certain foods (like berries) but I love knowing that my son isn’t getting any harmful plastic chemicals in his food.  If you buy them (or something similar) I suggest purchasing some food grade mineral oil to prime the plates.

Kiddie Snack Plates:

~ Sliced Kiwi ~ Wild Caught Salmon (leftovers) ~ Air Popped Popcorn (with coconut oil & pink salt) ~ Chocolate Chip Cookie ~IMG_6052

~ Freeze Dried Bananas ~ Dark Chocolate ~ Cooked Asparagus (on frying pan with coconut oil & pink salt) ~ Organic Beef Jerky ~IMG_5927

~ Raw Almonds ~ That’s It Bar ~ Snap Peas ~ Dark Chocolate ~IMG_7399

 ~ Fresh Blueberries ~ Dry Roasted Edamame ~ Rice Cake With Almond Butter ~IMG_6012

~ Fresh Strawberries ~ Flaked Coconut ~ Smoked Sausage ~ Banana Chips ~ Red Pepper ~IMG_7401

~ Avocado ~ Beet Chips ~ Dried Figs ~ Jilz Crackers ~IMG_7578

~ Tomatoes ~ Grass Fed Cheese ~ Grapes ~ Broccoli ~IMG_7610

~ Red Pepper ~ Coconut Flour Chips ~ Free Range Turkey Stick ~IMG_7477

~ Raw Walnuts ~ Dry Roasted Edamame ~ Fresh Blueberries ~ Red Pepper & Kale Crackers ~IMG_6011

~ Coconut Chips ~ Peas (from the garden) ~ Salted Rosemary Crackers ~ Organic Cheese Stick ~ Air Dried Plantain Chips ~IMG_8310

What are your favorite snacks?


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