Kiddie Snack Plates

As a parent, I know just how hard it can be to find healthy snacks for your ever-hungry toddler.  Especially when their taste is constantly changing!  One day my son likes the banana muffins I’ve baked and the next day he wont touch them…sound familiar to anyone?

This post is meant to provide healthy snack ideas and a few tips (that I follow myself) for feeding your child.  THESE are the plates I use for my son.  They are natural wooden plates, eco-friendly, BPA free, lead free, melamine free, and don’t contain any harmful chemical materials.  They are adorable and great for young children (as they don’t hold a lot of food).  If you purchase them, I suggest buying food-grade mineral oil as well to prime the plates.

Kiddie Snack Plates:

~Love Grown Cereal ~ Organic Carrots ~ Avocado ~ Organic Salami~IMG_5504

~ Quinn Classic Sea Salt Pretzels ~ Raw Broccoli ~ Organic Apple Slices ~ Unsweetened PB ~IMG_5610

~Raw Walnuts ~ Raisins ~ Avocado ~ Organic Carrot ~ Plantain Chips~IMG_5315

~ Fresh Blackberries ~ Organic Boiled Egg ~ Mary’s Gone Crackers ~ Organic Spinach ~ Mustard ~IMG_5334

~Grass-fed Cheddar Cheese ~ Frozen Strawberries (Defrosted) ~ Grass-Fed Ground Beef ~ Salted Rosemary CrackersIMG_5397

~ Raw Walnuts ~ Medjool Date (pitted) ~ Lightly Salted Pea Crisps ~ Organic Carrots ~IMG_5447

~ Cutie Mandarin Orange ~ Simply7 Lentil Chips ~ Organic Fruit Snacks ~ Raw Pumpkin Seeds ~IMG_5631

Tips for Kid Snacking/Meals

  1. Let your kids dip! Whether that be mustard (my personal favorite), dressing, ketchup, hummus… I’ve found that my son will be more likely to eat any of the food on his plate when there is a condiment to dip it in.
  2. Give your child a variety to choose from. Letting them decide what to eat first makes them feel like they have a choice.
  3. Sometimes a reward is necessary…for instance: if my son is asking for dessert but hasn’t eaten his dinner I let him know that he can have the dessert after his dinner is finished. For him, it works. Sugar can be quite the incentive.
  4. Don’t be afraid of your child eating too many carbs. Children are active and need more [healthy] carbohydrates as a percentage of their diet than most adults. This doesn’t mean load up on sugar.
  5. But make sure they get a little protein and fat at each meal. (Cheese, nuts, nut butter, veggies cooked in oil, meat, avocado, coconut butter, full-fat yogurt/kefir, eggs…)
  6. Go grocery shopping with your children and let them help put items in the cart.  I’ve found that this sparks an interest in different foods and my son is eager to try the food he’s helped purchase.
  7. Have your kids help you prepare meals in the kitchen.  My son always wants a sample (even if it’s a veggie) of what he’s helping me make.  Plus, it’s a great way for kids to learn how to prepare food and various ways it can be cooked and eaten.
  8. Share a snack together.  My son is often interested in eating exactly what’s on my plate.  So make a snack that the two of you can share and show him that ALL of the food on the plate is delicious!
  9. If your child insists on having a particular food, then find a healthier way to cook it.  If that isn’t an option, then give them a small portion of what they love and fill the rest of their plate with a variety of other things.  It may not work the first time, but overtime your child will most likely reach for more than just their favorite item.
  10. Don’t feel guilty for not being “perfect” all the time.  It’s nearly impossible to always be on top of it when it comes to providing food for your kids.  Sometimes a box of crackers is going to have to cut it and that’s okay (so long as it’s not every day).  Try to keep mostly healthy options on hand so that you have nutritious grab-n-go options when you are in a pinch for time or not feeling well (I had many instances of this during my pregnancy).

What are your favorite kiddie snacks?  Are your children picky eaters?  Do you have any tips?


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