Pregnancy Update: Week 40

Yep.  Still super pregnant over here.  If you read my last pregnancy update, you’ll remember that I was hoping, praying for it to be my last.  I really wanted this little guy to arrive a day or two before his due date.  But my wish wasn’t granted and I’m still here and pregnant and so ready to be done and meet my precious baby!  So here we go – my 40 week update…

How far along?  40 weeks as of Tuesday, June 6

Gender: Boy!!!

Sleep:  Horrible!  I wake up every 1.5-2 hours throughout the night.  Basically, my body is already in newborn mode, but my baby has yet to arrive.  I usually only have to use the bathroom 1-2 times.  What wakes me up is being uncomfortable.  It takes all my effort to roll my gigantic bump over in bed (I have to sleep on my sides).  I also tend to be really sore in my lower hip/groin area at night.  If baby boy decides to move around a bunch that wakes me up too.


Symptoms:  The worst part at this point is the lower hip/groin pain.  Sometimes I literally cannot walk because the pain is so sharp.  It is all due to baby boy sitting low, which I suppose is good because he’s making his way down the birth canal.  I am also sleeping poorly (as discussed above), have some lower abdomen cramping (feels similar to period cramps), my back still itches (but not as bad as earlier in pregnancy) and I have some days where I am SO exhausted.  Oh, and I have had a couple days where my feet and ankles swell.  This is the first time I’ve ever had swelling.  I think it’s just a side affect from being out in the hot weather.

Contractions?  Nope

Stretch marks?  Nope!  I feel so lucky on this one!

Belly button in or out?  Slightly out/flat…it looks weird (haha)

Wedding Rings on or off?  On!

Baby Movement?  Yes!  On and off all day and night.  I can feel him in my rib cage and way down low.  It’s quite uncomfortable at this point since he’s so big for my body.

Last Dr. Appointment:  My blood pressure was slightly low at my last appointment – and I could feel it!  I was feeling a bit light headed that morning.  But it was nothing of concern.  Baby boy has continued to move down lower and I am 3 cm dilated.  The doctor swept my membranes, which kinda hurt and I have had cramping since then but no signs of going into labor.  I also had the amniotic fluid levels checked and they were great.  Plenty of water for baby to swim around in 😉

Workouts:  Ugh.  My workouts have become more and more wimpy and I’ve only been making it to the gym 3-4 times a week…which I guess is good for 40 weeks pregnant, but I can’t help feeling slightly guilty about it.


(Yes, I wear the same few outfits over and over, haha)

Birth Plan: I haven’t talked about my birth plan yet.  I am praying for a natural birth, but if baby boy doesn’t arrive before this Thursday then I will most likely opt for an induction.  (It’s very unlikely for my doctor to let me go 2 weeks past my due date anyway.)  I feel that if he hasn’t arrived by then, then he isn’t going to come on his own.  I had an induction with my first son (1 week after his due date) and it was a great experience…which I now know was lucky for me.  (Inductions can often be long, stressful and even result in a C-Section.)

Like I said, I hope to go into labor naturally and go without pain meds or any intervention, but I’m also not completely opposed to anything.  Having a healthy baby is really my end goal.  I am delivering in a hospital, where I delivered last time.  I had a great experience there so I saw no reason to do it differently this time around.  What I love about my doctor and her co-workers is that they listen.  They know I want a natural birth and want that for me too.

A few other things…I want my baby placed in my arms immediately after birth.  I’d like delayed cord clamping and I don’t plan on him receiving any of the shots/vaccinations right after his birth.  I will also be breast feeding and I hope this boy is a great eater like his brother was!

And that’s it!  No more pregnancy updates after this one (well, until next time).  I’ll probably share a bit of my recovery and life with a newborn.  Feel free to ask me any questions!


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