Pinnertest Food Intolerance Test (Part 1)

If you’ve been following me for a while, especially via Instagram, then you are probably aware that my son and I did food intolerance testing back in November 2016.  Around that time, my son was having digestive issues and had developed a small rash around his mouth.  My husband and I decided to take him to our chiropractor and get a food intolerance test done in hopes of improving his digestion and eliminating any irritants.  I too decided to test for my food intolerances – mostly out of curiosity since I didn’t have any issues that I was aware of.

The test we did only tested for 90 different foods but tested for IgG and IgA antibioties.  Our results varied.  My son’s test results showed that he was intolerant to: dairy, eggs, chicken, hazelnuts and amaranth.  My results showed I was intolerant to: brewers yeast, bakers yeast, crab, chicken, eggs, mushrooms, kidney beans, sugar cane, and some dairy (the level of intolerance varied with yeast, eggs and crab being the foods I have the highest antibody levels for).

For my son, we cut out all of the foods he was sensitive to for 3 months.  Because I was (and still am) pregnant, I didn’t want to do a full elimination diet.  But I have cut way back on yeast and mold containing foods: kombucha, any foods with vinegar (like mustard), soft cheeses, dried fruit, yeast-containing bread/crackers (although I eat gluten-free, some of these products have yeast).

With these dietary changes, my son’s digestion normalized, his constant runny nose disappeared and his skin rash improved.  I’ve been feeling great too!  Zero bloating, swelling (even with pregnancy) and no digestive issues.


Pinnertest recently contacted me and asked if I was interested in trying out their food intolerance test kit.  Although I have already done testing, I knew this was something I wanted to partake in for a few reasons:

  • Pinnertest analyzes your blood sample against 200 different foods (more than the 90 tested by my chiropractor)
  • I am curious as to whether my results will change, or look similar to my first test
  • I want to get my husband tested for food intolerances (he frequently gets headaches and suffers from seasonal allergies, so I wonder if this might help)
  • I want to have an easily accessible test to review and share with you in case any one else is interested in food intolerance testing

And just in case anyone is curious, the cost of testing for the 90 foods by my chiropractor was nearly the same price as taking a Pinnertest food intolerance test.


There are many reasons to take a food intolerance test like Pinnertest.  If you suffer from digestive issues, bloating after meals, unexplained tiredness, brain fog, skin issues, slow metabolism or constant cravings then you may have an intolerance to a food you regularly consume.  Or if you’re just simply curious (like me) then this test can give you an insight into ways to further improve your health, as everyone has unique needs.

Just yesterday I took the Pinnertest (my husband will take one when he returns from his work trip).  The process is simple:

  • Order the Pinnertest kit (use my discount code “RABBIT” for $60 off your purchase and free shipping), which is shipped to you within 2 business days.
  • Use the kit to take your blood sample (only a few drops required) and return by mail.
  • In a week’s time, results are sent to you via email.
  • A free consultation is available for anyone with questions regarding their test and/or results.

pinnertest sample.png

This process was simple and easy to follow, although I will admit I was afraid to take my own blood sample.  However, it was a lot easier than I anticipated.  (For my previous food intolerance testing with my chiropractor I had to fill out 12 collection pad samples, whereas the Pinnertest only requires 1.)  I have sent in my blood sample and now await my results.  I will be writing another blog post after I get my results to share my thoughts and findings with you.


If you are interested in ordering your own Pinnertest food intolerance test kit, then you may use my Pinnertest discount code “RABBIT” for $60 off and free shipping.

Have any of you done food intolerance testing?  Did you find it helpful?

Disclaimer: I have partnered with Pinnertest for this blog post.


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