Pregnancy Update: Week 20


How far along?  20 weeks as of Tuesday, January 17

Gender: Boy!!!

Sleep:  So-so.  I wake 2-3 times a night and often have a hard time falling back asleep.  Also having crazy dreams.

Symptoms:  Super itchy – especially my back!  It’s really dry where we live so I’m not sure if this is just from the weather or pregnancy or both.  I also feel really full by the end of the day – like my belly doesn’t have enough room to hold a full stomach.

Stretch marks?  Nope!  I didn’t get any last pregnancy so am hoping I don’t with this one.

Belly button in or out?  In (but nearly flat)

Wedding Rings on or off?  On…never had to remove them during my first pregnancy (even though it was in the midst of summer).  I don’t tend to swell/retain a lot of water.

Last Dr. Appointment:  We had our second ultrasound and found out our baby is a boy.  I could have sworn it was a girl this time around.  (I feel guilty saying this, but I honestly hoped it was a girl and was pretty upset the first few days…I want three kids but not three boys.  I’m over it now though!)  Our baby boy is healthy and all his parts are present and where they should be!  He was measuring 20 weeks 1 day (a little ahead of schedule) and estimated to weight 12 oz.

Workouts:  Same as they have been – a mix of cardio and weights Monday-Friday mornings.  Most days I start with 30 minutes on the elliptical and then move on to 30 minutes of weight training.  I do mostly free weights and a few cable machines.

Food Cravings/Dislikes:  I like having something sweet after lunch every day, but that is pretty normal.  I also really like apples, but I do even when not pregnant.  I had some beets a week ago and they made me feel really sick.  In other words – no more beets for the time being!

Things you miss?  Wearing my old clothes.  I miss my smaller frame – especially smaller breasts!

Things you’re excited for?  Converting our guest room into a nursery and re-doing our son’s room.  He’s getting bunk beds!



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