Pregnancy Questionnaire: Week 18


I wanted to pop in and share a bit about my pregnancy…even though I have been neglecting to do so on my blog and I’m already 18 weeks along.  I don’t plan on doing updates often, but as it’s a huge part of my life right now I thought I’d let you all know what’s going on.  This first update will just be an introduction based off of questions I’ve pulled from the internet to provide a brief look into my first few months.

How far along were you when you found out you were pregnant?

I found out when I was about 5 weeks along.  I tend to have longer cycles and my husband and I had been trying for a baby for many, many months so I took a test as soon as I was sure I had missed my period.

What were your first pregnancy symptoms?

Bloating!  My stomach and breasts felt like they immediately grew!

What was your first reaction when you found out?

I was in disbelief!  After nearly 8 months of trying I was skeptical as to whether this was really happening.  But I was thrilled and so relieved!

What’s your due date?

June 6, 2017 (But my son came late and I won’t be at all surprised if this baby does too.)

Are you having a boy or girl?

We find out in January!  I have a strong feeling that we’re having a girl, but I could be totally wrong.

Have you felt the baby move?

Yes, very faintly (starting at 15 weeks).

How have you been feeling?

Weeks 6-16: Sick, sick, sick!  And tired!  I’ve had a lot more nausea this time around.  On top of that I’ve been having minor stomach pain (where my stomach just feels “off” and very tender) and I also have had a nasty sinus infection/cold since Thanksgiving.  I have trouble staying up past 8:30 and take naps a couple times a week.

Week 17 -now: I feel much better!  Sinus infection is gone although I recently caught a cold (thanks to my son) and I have more energy than before.  I still take frequent naps, but have been staying up a little later (like 9/9:30).

How have you been sleeping?

Sleeping better than the last few months, but still not great.  I’ve been sleeping in until 6/6:30 but often wake up feeling tired and un-rested.

Do you have any cravings or food aversions?

No cravings.  Early in pregnancy I ate more carbohydrates in the form of fruit and gluten free crackers.  I found they settle my stomach best.  My food aversions haven’t been anything significant.  When I was feeling nauseous I couldn’t eat many vegetables and meat sometimes sounded great, whereas other times I couldn’t stand it.  But since feeling more “normal” my diet has gone back to pretty much the same as it was pre-pregnancy.

What other pregnancy symptoms have you experienced?

I have crazy mood swings.  I can get angry and/or cry really easily – which is definitely not normal.  Sometimes I feel like a horrible mother because I get mad at my 2 year old son easily.

What does your workout routine look like?

Fortunately, I rarely feel sick in the mornings so my workout routine has been the same as far as how often I workout.  My son and I go to the gym in the mornings Monday-Friday.  (He loves playing in the child watch area.)  The intensity of my workouts has dropped immensely.  I no longer run or do any interval training as it just doesn’t feel right (for me) during pregnancy – besides my goal is to move and remain active, not keep a certain body shape.  I usually hop on the elliptical (I love listening to podcasts while I workout) or walk on the treadmill.  I also lift weights but less frequently than before and they are lighter.

Anything else?

My belly is way bigger than it was last time!  Which is very common.  Since about 8 weeks along I’ve been living in leggings and loose tops.  My bump is finally looking more like a baby bump than weight gain and I can tell people are starting to notice that I’m pregnant.  Speaking of weight, I have no idea how much I have gained since I do not weight myself – I try not to focus on numbers but just being healthy.  I look forward to finding out the gender of our baby this next week!

If you have any questions for me please ask away!  Thanks for reading 🙂


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